Wild Thoughts/Maria Maria – Đàn Bầu Remix 29

The latest Đàn Bầu Remix features DJ Khaled’s recent hit with Rihanna and Bryson Tiller, “Wild Thoughts,” which is really just the beat/groove from Santana’s “Maria Maria” (featuring The Product G&B) with new vocals.

It was pretty easy to recreate the main beat, though I switched things up by playing the guitar part on Vietnamese moon lute and the iconic solo electric guitar part on a đàn bầu with distortion effects. The main vocals were replaced by a standard đàn bầu part, and yet another đàn bầu part adds the chorus from “Maria Maria” over what was Bryson Tiller’s rap section.

The music video was its own adventure! Parul and I visited the Old Zoo in Los Angeles, the site of an abandoned zoo in Los Angeles that now serves as a sort of off-beat hiking trail. Many of the cages have been opened up, and it’s become a place where graffiti artists have come to find inspiration. Shots were taken in an old house that was probably offices or something, as well as in two sets of nearby cages.

Hope you all enjoy!


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